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Aricraft is unusual flying machines. We enjoy making flying paper designs that you can make easily (well, usually pretty easily) from laser printer paper. We provide you with the designs that you can download from this web site (or order by mail).

We've also recently developed some new R/C aircraft with a panning video camera and video transmitter, that allows us to fly the plane from the ground and video tape the flights. Wow! Monster fun!

To see these machines and the Manta Ray, go here!

We specialize in flying things - Tom's an electronic engineer and hang glider pilot and when it's not soarable, he likes to think up wacky paper flying devices. Arica is the Artist of the family and the true genius (she thought up the name). She also designs paper creations.

These designs are meant to be starting points for your own ideas. You can color them to make your own designs - use these as a starting point to experiment. Send us pictures - we love to see how they turn out!

To use and view these files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader: 

You will also need a zip file decoder such as WinZip

Try the Leonardo Canard, select here!

For more information, e-mail us at

Tools you'll need

Printer (laser printer is best) - to print the models (or you can order them preprinted- see below), scissors, white glue, pencil or round dowel 0.2" dia for hg1, 0.3" dia for others (size is not critical). An X-ACTO knife or hobby knife is recommended for the heli8 model.

For book2, you'll also need 100lb Bristol board (art supply shops) and a pencil with a flat end.

Tip for making more rugged models

Use 100lb Bristol board instead of laser printer paper for everything except the small diameter tubes. The Loopy models will fly exceptionally well. You'll need to cut the sheets down from 9x12 to at least 8-1/2 x 12, and probably 8-1/2 x 11. WARNING! THESE THICK SHEETS MAY DAMAGE YOUR PRINTER, SO FIND OUT IF IT CAN TAKE IT FIRST! If you don't want to risk it, print the model on sticky back paper. Stick it to the Bristol board, then cut out.


Just download the zip file of the product set you want. Use your favorite zip file decoder to extract the pdf files.

Use Acrobat Reader  to view and print!


Please e-mail for additional information

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