Sturdier version with tube body:

1. Cut out all parts on solid lines.

2. Using a pencil as tool, wrap the body part (3) into a tube, putting glue on the shaded part.

3. Apply glue on shaded areas of (1) and (2).

4. Put the tube body so that the one end of tube lines up with back end of butterfly. Put stiffener (2) over tube.

5. Make the wings so they have a slight dihedral (See end view A).

cross section A

To fly:

Hold body - use a light throw. The butterfly should fly smoothly thoughout its flight. If it dives straightaway, put less dihedral in the wings by bending them down (more flat). If it stalls, then tucks, put more dihedral in the wings by bending them up. Fly the butterfly several times and watch what it does before changing the dihedral.