Thunder Tiger Extra ARF

This is currently my only gas plane left - a quite nice unlimited vertical climber with a .67 two stroke and 10x8 prop. This is the only plane left of a string of 4 gas planes, all with similar or this particular engine. It's capable of hovering vertically (although I'm still not quite there yet), and just about any other aerobatic you could want.
WARNING!! The kit comes with a VERY weak elevator - there are two halves connected only by a thin piece of balsa, and only one side is driven by the linkage. My first one of these planes self destructed when the elevator broke in halves and both ripped of on the 4th flight!! The plane went into continuous outside loops. I realized I still had SOME control, and managed to wrestle the plane down to where it was just at the bottom of the loop when it hit the asphalt - so I was able to save the motor, but the plane didn't much like landing inverted... I found the two pieces of the elevator some distance away. I found out on the news group that apparently this is a well known problem, and I should complain to "Rocky" at Hobby Lobby. I did, and he said he would send me a replacement at no charge if I sent the broken one back. So I sawed up the pieces to fit back in the box and sent it back. And good to their word, I got a replacement at no charge. Now I could growse, and note that the replacement had both wings damaged internally, which took several hours to repair, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye....
  I fixed this one by epoxying two pieces of carbon through the weak area and under the control horn - top and bottom. I've flown it several times now and even at full throttle it seems to hold up fine.

Updated 1/16/2001

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