This is a high performance double surface glider. It can easily stall and tumble. It takes a little practice and fiddling to get the flight smooth.

1) Make 2 copies of this pattern, and cut out two wings (1).

2) Cut out (3-5) and form tubes by rolling around a a chopstick or really narrow pencil. Glue the tabs and wait till dry.

3) Place a line of glue on the wing and put each of (3,4) leading edges on the bottom surface wing.

Wrap the leading edge around the front of the tube, 1/4 way around the tube.

4) Put the crossbar (5) on a line of glue on the wing.

5) Put a line of glue on the trailing edge and leading edge of the top surface wing and place over the model.

Wrap the leading edge down 1/4 way over the tube.

6) Fold and glue the handle (2) over the bottom surface - line up with rectangle.

Try launching the hang glider with a gentle thow horizontally. Make sure the trailing edges are flat. Try launching upside down, too!