Tord's Page with EDF powered Mongo and more!

Video clips

eSpiro 2m carbon T tail with vidcam xmtr

Stratos 3m carbon V tail

Falcon - F5B/10 cell

Swiss Trainer - funfly

ePanther - 48" flying wing

NEW - Hyper Panther - 48" flying wing - unlimited vertical

Diablotin Mikro- 32 oz vertical aerobatic hoverplane

Thunder Tiger Extra ( 0.67 gas)

The X-Ray

(X=Manta, Rocket, or Blade)

aka electric Mongo Jr

Electric Flying Wing with Pan and Tilt Color Video Transmitter plus Audio

The Rocket Ray was created to expand the range of space that I could fly aircraft in. Normal R/C flying requires that you be able to see the aircraft attitude at all times. I wanted to go beyond that. The Rocket Ray is the brushless motor version - climb out is more like a rocket! The Manta Ray was the first version and was inspired from earlier development of the vidcam xmtr on an electric Zagi (before Trick came out with the Zagi 400). I wanted something that could stay in the air longer and could carry a heavier payload.

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Updated 1/16/2001

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