The Panther is a flying wing design by Gene Foley (415-586-6104 genefo@worldnet.att.net). His original design looks slightely different with a canopy, and was designed to be a sloper. I liked the performance so much I decided to make it into an electric. I started out using a geared 480 (Cosmotech, with gearbox). I tried several prop sizes, from 10x8 up to 12x8, using the Trick RC 1700 mah packs (velcroed in the nose). Decent performance - about 7-8 mins full throttle. I also tried twin speed 400s, which conveniently can be taped to the area just inside the elevons. Ran with Gunther props. Sounds like a Twinstar. Plenty of thrust - actually very nice, except power off the props are too draggy for my taste.

The above config is my current favorite - a Kontronic 400-22 brushless, with a 8x4.5 folder. LOTS of power - not vertical, but rips around. Weight 40 oz with bats. About 6 mins full throttle.

Eats Zagis for lunch. Virtually indestructible thanks to Gene's super beefy construction techniques. Heavy duty wood spar - balsa reinforced tips, plywood reinforced elevons. Body is plywood sides with carbon for the motor mount, EPP foam with mylar sides and strapping tape. I only broke the fuse once in a full power on vertical dive - easily fixed with epoxy and tape. Floats surprisingly well and MUCH higher speed range than Zagis. No tip stall tendencies. You can spin it, but only by full up or full down elevator and holding it there. And then it recovers quickly.

Updated 1/16/2001

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