Late evening sheer/wave at Ft. Funston, March 1999

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Just passed through cloud base level, am up to about 1500' here.

Inland about 1/4 mi, looking back at downtown SF

Just at the leading edge of the sheer, right in front of the clouds

Well above the cloud layer now - looking NW towards Pt. Reyes.

Traveled N here, am over the SF Zoo and just a bit above the cloud layer, back down to about 1500'

A view back towards the W - the feathery quality of the clouds was exquisite!

Unsual for these kind of sheers, I climbed back up again to about 2000', past the Zoo now and headed inland about 1/4 mi. Looking back towards downtown. That line of clouds is VERY tempting. The times I've tried in the past, the lift always gets less heading over there and I chicken out before reaching the line.

The cloud layer has been moving N with me. Looking W.

Almost up to Golden Gate Park (the strip running from the coast towards the right). Down to maybe 1200' here. Nice view of Golden Gate Bridge!. Can I make it to the Cliff House (the buildings at the end of Ocean Beach on the left)?

Made it to GG Park! Not much altitude left - the wind vleocity is blasting now - 40 mph, I've got the bar stuffed and penetrating VERY slowly.

Last view of GG park before landing. Maybe 500' here. Landed just short of the Cliff House. Nice and smooth on the beach, if blasting at 40mph, just as the sun is setting. A little over an hour flight. Awesomely beautiful! Thanks Raphael for the retrieve!