Swiss Trainer

 I bought this one from Sheldons. It's on OK park flier, but needs 10 cells of 700mah AAA Nimhs to be decent (they recommend 7 cells - not enough to even get it off the ground). It uses a speed 280 motor with geardrive (I think it's 6:1) and a 3 bladed prop. I didn't bother with the wheel nascelles, trying to keep the weight down. On high g maneuvers, the wing rod flexed a LOT - it's just a fairly thin wire rod. I think I got something like 8 minutes of full throttle with 10 cells, and the batteries didn't get even warm (although the motor did!)
Seperate ailerons, elevator and rudder, with rudder linked to nose wheel (tricycle gear - rather nice). The motor mount is too wimpy also. But the instructions were better than the usual non-existant, and the tail assembly can be completely removed with just removing a bolt underneath. The wings also slide off on the wing rod. So it can be packed down into a small space.
It seems like this has the potential to be a really fun plane. I think I'll try beefing up the wing rod, and replace the motor with a brushless 400 and 8 cell 1700mah Nicds, or just a plain old speed 400. Or not...

Updated 1/16/2001

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